Creating Family Connections

Resources To Empower Your Family in Developing Connections

This world is a messy place in which to live! In my many years (68 so far) I have observed and experienced that life is much more difficult without connections.

Thanks for joining me! My name is Walt Yocius. (rhymes with ferocious) I am passionate about helping you create family connections. My work as a Certified Family Life Educator & Certified Parent Coach has brought me in contact with both disconnected and connected families. The sad truth is that a disconnected family doesn’t have to be that way. Being connected is a skill that can be learned. The Strong Families research of Stinnett and DeFrain identified the specific skills we can learn to create family connections.

Spiritual Well-Being

Commitment to Family

Spending Enjoyable Time Together

Expressing Appreciation and Affection

Positive Communication

Effectively Manage Stress and Crisis

Join me as we explore each of the Strong Family Strengths in our goal of creating connected families.

Here is one of my favorite quotes about strong families.

“A healthy family is a place we enter for comfort, development, and regeneration; a place from which we go forth renewed and charged with power for positive living.” Nick Stinnett & John DeFrain