How Strong are Your Family Connections?

Here are some questions to ask yourself about each area of Family Strengths. Use the following rating scale.

1= Rarely 2= Occasionally 3= Intermittently 4= Often 5= Regularly  6=Consistently

How often are you encouraged in your spiritual well-being of love, sharing, compassion?

How often does family come first by time, energy, spirit and heart devoted to home life?

How often do you spend enjoyable time together as a family?

How often is listening communication and healthy disagreement happening in your family?

How often is appreciation and affection shown in your family?

How often does your family pull together during stress & crisis?

We will be exploring each of the following Strong Family Strengths in our goal of creating connected families.

Spiritual Well-Being

Commitment to Family

Spending Enjoyable Time Together

Positive Communication

Expressing Appreciation & Affection

Coping Effectively with Stress & Crisis

“A healthy family is a place we enter for comfort, development, and regeneration; a place from which we go forth renewed and charged with power for positive living.” Nick Stinnett & John DeFrain


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