Where Do We Get Our Value?


Going back to when we are born, what gives us value and gives us a sense of belonging? We are unable to talk or contribute in any meaningful way as a baby human. We require a lot of help just to survive; being fed, being kept warm and clean, being talked to and being given lots of attention which translates into connection and intimacy.

What about when babies are not wanted and aren’t cared for, do they still have value, do they still belong?


I would challenge you to consider this: You are designed and formed by a Creator who gives you value just because He created you and He loves you. You gain your identity and belong to His family. You were created on purpose for a purpose. No matter what happens to you or what others say about you, can change your identity and value or your place in His family. This is what gives each person who was ever born their value. And this is the reason we are to treat each human being with which we interact as special, unique and worthy of care and kindness.

Let’s face it, the world is not a caring and kind place. So, what happened?

Next: What went wrong? Why is the world for the most part not a kind or caring place?

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